[Announcement] icub-main now builds dynamic plugins only

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[Announcement] icub-main now builds dynamic plugins only

Daniele E. Domenichelli
Hello all,

The icub-main repository is now always building icubmod devices as
"plugins" instead of "static libraries"

As a consequence, the icubmod library and the icubmoddev executable are
now empty wrappers and should be considered deprecated. Even though your
executables will still build and everything should work without touching
the code, you are recommended to start doing the following changes:

  * Do not link the icubmod library to your executables and libraries
    (in CMakeLists.txt files)
  * Remove from the main function of your executables all the
    - "YARP_DECLARE_PLUGINS(icubmod)"
    - "YARP_REGISTER_PLUGINS(icubmod)"
    and eventually the old deprecated versions:
    - "YARP_DECLARE_DEVICES(icubmod)"
    - "YARP_REGISTER_DEVICES(icubmod)"
  * Replace "icubmoddev" with "yarpdev" in your modules.

Also ensure that on your system the plugins can be found:

* YARP and iCub installed in a system prefix (e.g. /usr or /usr/local):
   Nothing to do, it should work out of the box.

* YARP and iCub installed in a non-system prefix (both the same, for
   example /opt/robotology):
   YARP_DATA_DIRS should contain /opt/robotology/share/yarp, OR
   extend XDG_DATA_DIRS to contain /opt/robotology/share (YARP_DATA_DIRS
   should not be set in this case).

* YARP and iCub installed in different non-system prefix (for example
   /opt/yarp and /opt/iCub):
   YARP_DATA_DIRS should contain both /opt/yarp/share/yarp, and
   /opt/iCub/share/icub OR extend XDG_DATA_DIRS to contain both
   /opt/yarp/share and /opt/iCub/share (YARP_DATA_DIRS should not be set
   in this case).

* YARP and iCub from build tree (in $YARP_DIR and $ICUB_DIR):
   YARP_DATA_DIRS should contain $YARP_DIR and $ICUB_DIR.

you can use the "yarp plugin" command to check whether the plugins are
working correctly.

Let us know if you have any problem.


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