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Ashraf Zia [asz]

Dear List,

I am trying to compile a simple program and have the following error:

yarpdev: ***ERROR*** driver <cartesiancontrollerclient> was found but could not open.


 #include <cmath>
 #include <iostream>
 #include <iomanip>
 #include <yarp/os/Time.h>
 #include <yarp/sig/Vector.h>
 #include <yarp/math/Math.h>

 #include <yarp/os/Network.h>                                  //Initializing the Network
 #include <yarp/dev/ControlBoardInterfaces.h>       // Interfacing with the Control Board
 #include <yarp/dev/PolyDriver.h>                          // For creating the Device Robot

 #include <iCub/iKin/iKinFwd.h>
 #include <iCub/iKin/iKinIpOpt.h>
 #include <yarp/dev/CartesianControl.h>

 using namespace std;
 using namespace yarp::os;
 using namespace yarp::sig;
 using namespace yarp::math;
 using namespace iCub::ctrl;
 using namespace iCub::iKin;

 using namespace yarp::dev;
 // this inherited class (re-)implements the iCub right arm
 // but shows at the same time how to handle any generic serial
 // link chain

int main(){  
    Property option;   
    PolyDriver clientCartCtrl(option);
    ICartesianControl *icart=NULL;  
    if (clientCartCtrl.isValid()) {
    Vector oy(4), oz(4);
    oy[0]=0.0; oy[1]=1.0; oy[2]=0.0; oy[3]=+M_PI/2.0;
    oz[0]=0.0; oz[1]=0.0; oz[2]=1.0; oz[3]=-M_PI/2.0;
    Matrix Ry = yarp::math::axis2dcm(oy);        // from axis/angle to rotation matrix notation
    Matrix Rz = yarp::math::axis2dcm(oz);
    Matrix R = Rz * Ry;                            // compose the two rotations keeping the order
    Vector o = yarp::math::dcm2axis(R);          // from rotation matrix back to the axis/angle notation
    return 0;

Any idea?

Thanks in Advance.

Ashraf Zia

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