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Fwd: [iCubHead-Paris] Short-circuit on motor control boards

Himanshu Akolkar

Ciao Guys,

I was trying to get the iCub head here in Paris back to life.

The motor control boards seemed to turn on fine before but today I turned them on and the power supply signalled over current and now the MCs don't work anymore. I am sure there was some shortcircuit and I prbably blew it somehow! :(

Since here we only have the head, the voltage supply is 12V instead of the traditional higher values we use for the other iCubs.

Can you guys help me fix the issue?
Not sure what information I can give you now. The pc104 works fine. Its only the MC boards that are "burnt".

The setup is very similar to the iCubGenova02 (purpley) we have at IIT with a standalone supply for each PC104 and Motors.

Should I check the voltage regulators or capacitors?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

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