Get/Set object rotation in icubSim world

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Get/Set object rotation in icubSim world

Jinhyung Kim
Hi all,

I have one thing to ask about getting/setting object rotation in iCub simulatior world. 
I know the command "rot" which I can get/set rotation.
But problem is when I rotate a object around more than 2 axis, e.g. world rot sbox 1 30 45 0
Then I get the object rotation using command world rot sbox 1
but values are different from 30 45 0

For example,
1. I made two different sboxs,

2. In case, I rotate object around only one axis, values of get/set rotation is same

3. But when I rotate around more than two axis,  values are different

4. I tried to set sbox 2 rotation angle 39~, 37~, 26~, But sbox 1 and sbox2 rotations are different

5. It's same when I rotate object around 3 axises

I think that might be because the rotation axis is changed when a object is rotated around more than 1 axis

What I want know is, 
is there any way that I can set sbox 2 rotation same as sbox 1 by getting values get from command(world rot sbox 1) and setting rotation command(world rot sbox 2 a b c).

Does anyone knows how to do that or other better command that I can use?



Jinhyung Kim
Cognitive Neuro-Robotics Lab, 
Department of Electrical Engineering, KAIST
Cell: 010-8025-9908


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