Left Arm going in the wrong way during initial calibration

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Left Arm going in the wrong way during initial calibration

Hi all,

I have an issue with the initial calibration of the iCub, when launching iCubInterface from the pc104.

The head and torso are fine, but the left arm is going toward the floor (because of the joint 0) and maybe a little bit toward the iCub (joint 1). I have to press the red button almost immediately to avoid collision with the iCub body so I cannot describe more than that. The right arn is disabled because of a broken cable. 

You will find in attachment the log from iCubInterface. The current enc values seems a little bit strange. There are also messages about 
"Position Pids section found, old format
Torque Pids section found, old format"

However, I have just updated the firmware and the icub_left_arm.ini is up to date, after a modification 11 month ago for a Living Machine dancing demo (Calibration 3 has changed). iCub/Yarp is also up to date.

Thanks in advance,


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iCubInterface_iCubLondon01_left_arm_wrong_way.log (75K) Download Attachment