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MC4/MCP motor control

André Farinha
Hello everyone,

I'm André Farinha , an Msc. Student at Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon).

Recently our group acquired an MC4/MCP controller board in order to control 4 motors (from Faulhauber) on the robotic hand I'm developing (for my thesis). As such, I'm also in charge of developing the control software but I don't have much knowledge in this field. 

So for the moment I already have been checking YARP and, as I want to base my code on ROS, I already set the communication ROS<->YARP working.

Now, my doubt is: what are the steps and what code do I need to set working in order to be able to use the board and communicate with it and, afterwards, how can I make the board communicate with and control the motors? As such, I would like to kindly ask, if possible, for a simple guide with the steps required to set the boards working and controlling the motors. A list of ordered source files to look at would already be very nice :).

I much appreciated by the attention given,
Best regards,
André Farinha

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