Occasional boot failure and canLoader error

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Occasional boot failure and canLoader error

Dear rc-hackers,

Hi all, I'm having some problems with our iCub (iCubDaejeon01).
The problems are:

(1) Occasional Boot failure. 
PC104 doesn’t start and does not proceed to linux-booting procedure. This problem occurs sporadically. 
When the booting fails, the current displayed on the power supply is 3.7~3.8 A. 
We ran badblocks and fsck on the USB but there was no error. 

(2) PC104 hangs while executing S09_cfw2_sound.sh 
Even though PC104 starts, it hangs during the boot procedure and does not show the login prompt. 
(It hangs after showing “setting audio gain to 6”.) 
We found that if we comment out the S09_cfw2_sound.sh in rciCub directory, PC104 doesn’t hang. 
The current was 2.3~2.5A when it starts normally. 

(3) Problems in Calibration (Error connecting to cfw2can net2) 
After we commented out S09_cfw2_sound.sh, we were able to access PC104. 
Then, we executed canLoader and had problems connecting to cfw2can net2 (I think this is the right arm). 
We were able to connect to other nets, but when we tried to connect net 2, PC104 freezes. 

Our power supply setting is: 
PS1: preset voltage = 13V, preset power = 1.5kW, preset current = 15.5A, preset UVL = 10.66V, preset OVP = 15.4V 
PS2: preset voltage = 39.2V, preset power = 1.5kW, preset current = 14.63A, preset UVL = 26V, preset OVP = 48V

I am wondering if any of you had similar experience.
Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

- Jungsik


Research Assistant,
Cognitive Neuro-Robotics Lab, 
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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