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Thumb opposition tendon replacement

Alexandros Giagkos [alg25]

Dear list,

Our iCub has a broken tendon thumb opposition tendon which we are trying to replace. We use the uncoated Carl Stahl CG077063 cable but we are unable to pass it through the inner hole of the pulley (hole tagged as "H" in the document). We tried to glue its end so that strands do not become curly as we pass it through. We also tried to shoulder it and fine it a bit to get it thinner. Even with thinner strings we need to be very precise in order to find the correct angle to pass them through.

Yet, even if it comes out from the other side (after putting a lot of effort), strands break or twist making it impossible to pass through the pulley..

Is there any hint or particular technique we could use?

Many thanks in advance,


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