Updating firmware on iCubParis02

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Updating firmware on iCubParis02

Ryan Lober
Hello all,

We are in the process of doing a complete update of iCubParis02 and have a few questions about the firmware. After updating the debian on pc104 to the latest release we followed the instructions at, http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/Compilation_on_the_pc104. Everything seems to have compiled fine but at this point we are not sure what to do with the firmware.

1. What is the difference between icub-firmware-shared and iCub/firmware? Do we need both?

2. Should we follow the "Standard firmware update" at http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/Firmware? As of now I can't see how the control boards will be updated if we don't, but it seems odd that the repo is on the old SVN.

Thanks in advance, and any info you think will be helpful further down the process would be greatly appreciated as well.