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Lorenzo Natale-2
I am glad to announce that the latest release of YARP 2.3.64 has been released and is available for download from www.yarp.it.

Notable improvements in this release are:
* full ROS support (interoperability with roscore, support for ROS type system and API extension for nodes and topics)
* code generator for custom data types and services using the Apache Thrift IDL
* dynamic plugin system for new protocols and devices
* experimental support for channel prioritization using QoS
* new GUIs written with Qt5
* support for MS Visual Studio 2012.

Source code is available on Github: https://github.com/robotology/yarp
Installation instructions, online documentation and tutorials: www.yarp.it

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Lorenzo Natale, PhD
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Ph: +39 010 71781946
Fax: +39 010 7170205

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