YARP and ACE problems due to stricter gcc-4.3?

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YARP and ACE problems due to stricter gcc-4.3?

Jorge Scandaliaris-3
Today I spent half a day debugging a previously-working application that
wouldn't build anymore. I can't give exact details because it only occured
later on to me that maybe all the problems were related to my recent
upgrade to gcc-4.3 (to gain openMP support).
To sum up, building my application ended up in an undefined reference:

/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.3.3/../../../libYARP_OS.so: undefined
reference to `ACE_OS::fast_memcpy(void*, void const*, unsigned int)'

I believe at this point both YARP and ACE were built by gcc-4.1.xx. Upon
seeing the error I tried to rebuild ACE, version 5.5, which failed (wth
gcc-4.3). Then I tried to upgrade ACE to 5.6.5 which built OK. Then YARP
failed to build complaining of several undefined references. Then I tried
ACE-5.6.1 which failed to build.
Then I though about the gcc version, downgraded to 4.1.xx and build
successfuly ACE and YARP, and finally my application.

I though I'd post this experience as it may give hints about what's going
on with YARP and ACE in more recent releases of some distributions. BTW, I
run Gentoo 32 bits.


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