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iKinCartesianSolver very slow

Arturo Ribes-2

I am having problems with the cartesian solver being too slow. While using the cartesian controller to move the hand, I observed some jerky movements, so I checked the output of iKinCartesianSolver. I saw that the "computed in [s]" time was too high, from 0.05 to 0.5 seconds. 
This, for my kind of application, is unacceptably slow. So as sanity check, I executed iKinCartesianSolver in a different machine in our lab and, even though both machines have the same ipopt version, the other machine runs below 0.01 seconds. It is not an issue of machine power nor computational load. Both simulator and real icub (iCubLondon01) exhibit same behaviour.

Now I am back in my lab in Barcelona and I am running experiments there in simulator. I updated yarp and icub, and installed everything. I observed similar behaviour. Now I installed the newest version of ipopt and the problem is still the same, even worse! 

Is there any known version problem with ipopt and iKinCartesianSolver? Which versions work well? What about ipopt dependencies in icub cmake? I see that only the coin* ones are satisfied, no dl, gfortran, m, pthread or quadmath are found, even though my system has these. 

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