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[important] Where are my tools?

Daniele E. Domenichelli
Dear all,

As you probably know we are going ahead with the Qt5 porting of some of
YARP and iCub GUIs.

This is what is happening in this moment:

* iCubGui: Was Qt3/Qt4. Now ported to Qt5 and dropped support for
* dataDumper: Moved to YARP and renamed to "yarpdatadumper".
* dataSetPlayer: Was GTK2. Moved to YARP and renamed to
                 "yarpdataplayer". A new Qt5 version is available.
* iCubSkinGui. Was GTK2. A new Qt5 version is available.
* frameGrabberGui2. Was GTK2. A new Qt5 version is available.

The biggest change is that dataDumper and dataSetPlayer were moved in
the YARP repository and renamed. The old version in iCub is being
removed, therefore please ensure that you change your scripts accordingly.

For all the tools that have both Qt5 and GTK2 versions, the Qt5 version
will replace the GTK2 version if Qt5 is available, but the gtk version
will still be available (in case the new one has issues) and renamed by
appending the `-gtk` suffix to the file name (i.e. if you have Qt5,
iCubSkinGui is the Qt5 version, iCubSkinGui-gtk is the GTK2 version, if
you don't have it iCubSkinGui is the GTK2 version).

Please test the new GUIs and report the issues you should find on the
appropriate github repository.


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