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port callback not invoked - C#, Java

Keresztfalvi, Laszlo

Callback methods are not working properly under C# and Java.
We test with the latest stable build. Is there a chance that this issue has been resolved in the git?

Yarp version: 2.3.63 windows binary; Swig 3.0.5; Oracle JDK 1.8.0_31

  • By extending the BottleCallback class the onRead() method is invoked under Java as excepted but the same method under C#  is not invoked.
  • By extending BufferedPortBottle and overriding its onRead() method then using port's useCallback() the onRead(Bottle datum) method is not invoked neither in Java nor in C#.

Sample code:

  BufferedPortBottle _port = new BufferedPort();
  MyBottleCallback _callback = new MyBottleCallback();      // extends BottleCallback overrides method onRead(Bottle datum)
Any advise?

Thank you,

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