portmonitor carrier does not work on my installation

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portmonitor carrier does not work on my installation

Raffaello Camoriano

I need to use portmonitor in a YARP application of mine, which has to run on the robot. It used to work some months ago, but now something is not working with my installation of YARP.

In fact, any connection using the portmonitor carrier produces the following message on the receiver side:

Carrier "portmonitor" does not modify incoming data as expected.
yarp: Removing input from /write to /read

  • I am using YARP on Ubuntu 14.04
  • I have followed the steps provided in http://wiki.icub.org/yarpdoc/portmonitor.html#need
  • I have recompiled and built the latest version of YARP.
  • I have used this example as a test: http://wiki.icub.org/yarpdoc/simple_modification.html and it still provides the same message, so the issue does not seem to depend on my application
  • I have tried to set the LUA_CPATH env var in the ~/.profile (then I issued the "source .profile" command) in the following ways, with no success:
    • export LUA_CPATH=";;;$YARP_ROOT/bindings/build/?.so"
    • export LUA_CPATH=";;;$YARP_ROOT/bindings/build/yarp.so"
    • export LUA_CPATH=";;;$YARP_ROOT/bindings/build/lib/lua/?.so"

Does anybody see the problem here?

May I provide additional information?

Thank you,


Raffaello Camoriano

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LCSL: http://lcsl.mit.edu/#/people
Li:   it.linkedin.com/in/raffaellocamoriano/

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