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robotinterface moved to yarp

Lorenzo Natale-2
Dear all,
This is to notify that the executable robotinterface has been moved to yarp and will be soon removed from the icub-main repository. Following yarp's naming convention we renamed it yarprobotinterface. Not much is required to use yarprobotinterface, just update and recompile YARP. However, you have also to rename the file robotinterface.ini to yarprobotinterface.ini (in %ICUB_ROOT%/app/robots/<your_robot>).

Also the script %ICUB_ROOT%/app/iCubStartup/scripts/iCubStartup.xml should run yarprobotinterface (instead of robotinterface).

These changes have been already done and committed to the icub-main repository, please double check and modify all the files you modified locally in your system.

Don't hesitate to ask help in case of troubles,

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Lorenzo Natale, PhD
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via Morego, 30 16163 Genova
Ph: +39 010 71781946
Fax: +39 010 7170205

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