simulator crashes when objects contact

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simulator crashes when objects contact

Tanis Mar

Dear all,


I am trying to run a tool use experiment in the simulator in which the iCub uses a tool (imported as  a model) attached to the hand with the grab/magnet function, to drag or push an object in the table.

When the tool pushes the object laterally the reaction is usually correct, although sometimes the object and/or the tool “jump” a little bit. The main problem appears when the tool pushes the object against the table, which happens sometimes during the approach for the draw. When this happens, the simulator crushes with the following error:


ODE INTERNAL ERROR 1: assertion ‘bNormalizationResult’ failed in ../..include\ode\odemath.h:326


I am running in Windows 7 with the latest versions of YARP and iCub main.


I tried to solve the problem by modifying the following paramenters in ode_params.ini, worldCFM to 0.001 and contactSurfaceLayer to 0.01.


Also, the friction of the objects is changed on iCub_Sim.cpp from contact[i] = dInfinity to contact[i] = 1.


Does somebody know why is it crashing and/or which should be the right parameter values to modify in order to prevernt it from happening??


Thanks a lot in advance,



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